Staying Erect After Climaxing

Staying Set up After Orgasm and More

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Losing Erection

Whenever I start in order to put my condom on, I begin losing my penile erection also it just maintains getting closer plus nearer to being totally limp. Do a person have any idea what could be causing this?



Because rolling upon a condom is not the most sensuous activity inside the particular planet, pretty regarding a new man in buy to slowly shed their erection inside the particular method. The easiest approach to create positive all the certain work put inside attaining your hard-on does not head to waste materials is usually by integrating typically the condom roll-on method into your very own bedroom routine.

Since there’s nothing at all more unattractive in comparison to the sound of typically the crinkling condom wrapper, a stage would certainly be so as to unwrap the condom just before foreplay starts in addition to leave this about your dresser. Your next stage would end up being to ask your current own partner to set the particular condom within the male appendage when the period of time is right as well as slowly roll this specific down. She really need to continue patting your own penile until it ultimately will probably be inserted inside of the girl. Typically the constant stimulation of your respective partner’s hands about the penis should aid keep your penis build, even through the condom-rolling portion of evening.

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PC Muscle Location

Where is our PC muscle?



For those who else don’t know, typically the PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) controls pee flow and deals during orgasm.

You can identify this muscle inside 2 different ways:

1- Stop the movement of urine above and over once more unless you can sense the muscle an individual are using — that is typically the PC muscle.

2- Insert a new finger with your trou and squeeze your current PC muscle. You already know you are contracting the proper muscle when you feel strain around your finger.

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Low Libido in Men

I am a woman who actually loves to have a sex life and be open about it. On the other hand, my man doesn’t seem as interested or want it as much as I do. Sometimes I question his sexuality. I need a man’s perspective.



When it comes to interest level in sex, women usually bear the burden of being branded as “disinterested” or perhaps “asexual. ” The fact is, however, that guys too experience thoughts of sexual disinterest, despite being um as the lovemaking category that may possibly be ALWAYS pining because of that.

Achievable elements behind a lower libido in guys, based to typically typically the Journal of generally the American Medical Association, are:

  • Low testosterone levels
  • Increased alcohol consumption
  • Stress
  • Sexual orientation confusion
  • Lack of sleep
  • Infidelity
  • Depression
  • Illegal substance abuse

What can you because of help his reduced sex drive? Very first, don’t blame oneself for his low libido. His effect to sex is not related to your appearance or if your sexual performance. Next, ask your spouse to seek the assistance of a physician inside case you the two suspect issues just like testosterone, substance mistreatment or depression to be able to be a reason behind the problem. 3 rd, communicate. Discuss typically the issue, how that makes you sense, and enquire him when there is anything at all on his brain that he’d just like to give you.

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